Most people today are searching for products and services on their phones or other mobile devices. Google favors sites that are mobile friendly, and this trend is expected to continue.

Mobile first design has changed the way websites were traditionally designed. With mobile-first design, the mobile user’s experience is a top priority.

This trend isn’t all about SEO. The visual result and convenience for the mobile user are considerations as well.

Responsive web design and mobile search optimization are no longer just options. If your business wants to maintain a competitive edge online, mobile-first design is a necessity. In 2016, mobile internet use first surpassed desktop, and this global trend in web usage will only continue to increase.

Just remember to keep things simple when designing your website. Include only what is necessary while giving your page a welcoming feel. A mobile website is a necessity in this day and age, so make sure yours is adding to your business rather than detracting from it.

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